Automatic Driving Lessons

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If you’re keen to master driving and obtain your license sooner, our automatic driving lessons may be the perfect solution for you. With no gears to manage, automatic vehicles are easier to learn in and often enable learners to perfect their driving and pass their test quicker than manual vehicles.

Why learn in an automatic?

Automatic cars are far easier to learn to drive in; no panicking over what gear you should be in and when and no fear of stallings allows you to concentrate better on the driving itself. With no clutch pedal, automatic cars simply require the driver to move the gear selector into ‘Drive’ before moving away, making the process far simpler than manual tuition.

If you think automatic driving lessons may be the best fit for you, simply contact us today to discuss booking your lessons. We have experienced instructors available to Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Louth, and the surrounding areas.


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